Abare Family Christmas 2015!

Christmas tree from the xmas lights (play with the light).

This is one of those random years where my dad decided he wanted me (Joy) to write the Griswold family Christmas letter. It’s been a few years since I wrote the last one, so here we go…

You will not be surprised to find out that my parents have moved this year. It is nearly impossible to keep them in one place – they love change. This year they blamed it on their “need” for a water view (something about a pathway to God). I guess the view of Mount Rainer just wasn’t cutting it (sarcasm intended)

So even with a fire department rescue (after spending an hour stuck in an elevator together), they opted for a great place in the quaint downtown part of Kirkland, WA.  If you follow my dad on the gram, you already know this as he posts a picture of the sunset about twice a week (oh, here’s one)


After spending six months in Bogota, Colombia, Brad, Jamaica, & the Pip (3) (my name and a growing sentiment for Miró) now continue to grace LA with their presence (well, Brad does every now and again). Brad still does a million miles in the air and a million other things (that he never talks about). Jamaica is working part-time at a law office focusing on immigration, and the Pip is going to preschool.


Mark & Jamie (Bothell, WA) have moved into a bigger version of what they used to live in to accommodate their ever-growing tribe. Ava (5), Landy (3), and Lily (1) are all as pale as I am but have the most gorgeous blonde locks you ever did see. Mark has finally received a long pursued role as an SRO (school resource officer) and has an awesome schedule which allows him to be home by dinner every night and off on the weekends. Their lives have changed for the better!


Craig & Kara (NYC) continue to live the lives as sexy married people in NYC. Craig is still running operations at Refinery 29 and Kara still (as she likes to call it) “works in an office”. Really, she kicks butt and is vital to the company’s success. Craig randomly makes the coolest things you’ve ever seen and Kara can still make anyone’s face look great (she does incredible makeup). They took an amazing trip to the Amalfi Coast, Florence, Venice, Rome, and London in October and had a BLAST. If you want to see some incredible pictures and videos, follow Craig on the gram. @craigabare


Luke & Sarah (Capetown, South Africa) Yes, you read that right! They made their big move! They had an action packed year going to a friend’s wedding in Hamburg and stopping in Switzerland to stay with Kate & Kyle (cousins on both sides… it’s legal) before they moved to Seattle. It’s been a huge adjustment but one they have really loved. Their views are incredible – if you like scorpions, err, I mean the beach. But seriously – scorpions? No thanks. Luke is working on teaching people how to run micro business and Sarah is training people in health & nutrition.


Paul (Seattle) is younger than all of us but making more money than all of us too. What the heck is wrong with that picture? This dude has found his niche and he is BOSS. Since he doesn’t have a spouse or kids bogging him down, he wears fly clothes and drives a fly car and still manages to be hilarious.


Angel & I (NYC) are loving being married and learning a lot. I am currently working on a marriage help book called, “Why Is There Water Everywhere In The Bathroom?” it’s filled with short stories on how a clashing of cultures and cleanliness preferences affects your relationship. Just kidding, I’m not doing that, but I have now given myself a genius idea. Angel continues to work as an EMT for a private ambulance company and is just one acceptance letter away from getting into the FDNY Academy. He has blown my mind this year by acing (passing) every physical, psychological, and medical test they’ve thrown his way.


After four years of helping raise kids that aren’t my own, I transitioned out of nannying in February. Don’t worry – I still see my beloved babies about once a week. It was probably one of the hardest and most emotional adjustments I’ve ever experienced, but I truly do believe it was for the best. I am currently working for a San Francisco based software company and moonlight as a letterer & postpartum doula. Random, right?

The highlight of the entire year had to be Maui. My parents celebrated their 40th anniversary and we all stayed in a beautiful home overlooking the gorgeous beaches of Lahaina, Maui. We ate incredible food, swam all day, and us kids had something planned for each night of the trip (with the exception of the night my dad planned which was Bob & Maria Goff (gram) coming to renew their vows and chitty chat!) Holy smokes that was cool. A HUGE thank you to all who participated in the famous video for my parents. They were beyond touched and it was such an incredible gift to give – one we couldn’t have done without your help. So, THANK you!




Well, I better call it a wrap. Mom and dad are coming to NYC for Christmas and then we’re headed to KC for an Abare (my dad’s) family reunion on New Years Eve. Party!

From our family to yours, we wish you a super special Christmas season and a happy 2016!

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