Anticipation + reflection


Together, Joy and I walked into her future… with the man God handpicked for her (he’s the one on the right below).

It was everything I anticipated… and then some.


The panoramic view of NYC as a backdrop only helped to set the mood.

Thanks to creative genius, Craig (and his over-the-top, well-executed team of helpers) the venue was spectacularly appointed.

2014-10-10 16.33.47

That’s Emily Cline. I married her and her husband three years ago in KC.

2014-10-10 16.33.08

2014-10-10 16.34.27
Cookies from their favorite places vs. the traditional cake. Yes, those are Oreo’s in the jar… Angel’s fav.

2014-10-10 13.38.53

That’s Craig (above) carefully designing each of the planter boxes that adorned each table.

As a little icing on the cookie (see what I did there?), Brad officiated bi-lingually with some of the best chosen words you could ever hear at a wedding. Sorry no pic.

It was fun to have family and friends from near and far stay together at The Paper Factory Hotel. It allowed for many serendipitous meet ups and conversations.

And now, a week later, it’s good to be home.

Thanks for the memories!


This party is officially started!


A smooth SEA-JFK flight = lots of work done and my inbox empty, That’ll last a minute.

An intimate dinner with a small cast of characters… Joy (the soon-to-be bride), Angel (her Jesus-like fiancé), Craig (aka Franc from Father of the Bride film), Kara (who looks beautiful and is way smaller), Ang (supporting cast that we’ve known since she was 30-minutes old… literally), Ann (my bestie), and me at Carmines in NYC = my favorite way to spend an evening (nice dinner with family and friends).

A lost credit card (yes, hard to believe, but I lost it) = over-the-top frustration, incompetent people at Barclay’s (all 5 of them), and a personal demonstration to my family on how NOT to treat customer service people.

That was yesterday. Today, is a brand spanking new day!

I’m sitting at a desk in a sweet hotel looking at this view of NYC and reflecting on the next five days. Family and friends coming from the left coast, central coast, Switzerland, Peru, and even Bogota mixed with a lot of locals.


The days and nights before and aft the wedding will be filled with things to do and peeps to see; Ruth’s Chris, Blue Smoke BBQ, spas, hair appointments (I feel left out on this one), Broadway show (Motown The Musical), an open house at Craig & Kara’s, and when something isn’t “scheduled” we’ve got a great place to just hang out. If you’re not here, I wish you were.

Gotta go while my latte is hot.