I am fat!


I was looking around on my “HealthCare System’s convenient patient portal” (their words) when I saw this on my chart:

They were talking about me! Class 3 Obesity (Severe): They went on to say I am at extreme risk of developing health-related problems or even dying at this level and a doctor must be consulted to find an immediate solution.

I rationalize this… I wonder if there’s a difference between fat from fast food, soda, and junk food vs. fat from the food served at fine dining establishments, you know, the ones rated by Zagat’s, Forbes, etc. Because, if there is, that may tip the scales in my favor (pun intended).

Other than perhaps Divine protection, there’s no flippin’ reason that a guy with my over-sized and out of shape credentials should be alive. Consider that my mind only stops when I’m sleeping, I’m a hyper-focused, get-it-done guy (complete with internal and external stressors), I travel quite a bit (with lots of flying anxiety), I enjoy eating with family, friends, and people I like (especially at nice joints referred to above) and according to BMI I am 200+ pounds heavier than I should be.

18 weeks ago (Dec. 27th) I returned home from a wonder-filled, New York City Christmas extravaganza. I stepped on the scale and was ridiculously close to 400 lbs. Absurdly enough, I found some comfort that my scale went that high and that I didn’t need to go to the stockyards to weigh in. That was a relief.

But, I had some kind of wake up call that day. It wasn’t just knowledge or acceptance that I was fat, it was an internalized “I need to do something about this fatness”. And, so I did. Since then, with the exception of one, I have lost weight every week. I do four things:

1. I set up my profile, weight goal, and desired time-frame on the Lose It app. It calculates how much I can eat. I also try to eat according to my  blood type.
2. I log everything I eat, everyday, no matter what. I use the Lose It app.
3. I walk more. Like a Fitbit, the Lose It app  (on an iPhone 5S) will track steps.
4. I weigh in at the same time and on the same scale every Monday. If I’m traveling I don’t weigh in.

In 18 weeks I have lost 62 lbs (3.4 lbs per week average).

Now, I look forward to Monday’s for more reason that one!

lose it


Can we work together?

3D single chain link isolated on white background

Working together can be a scary proposition for some leaders. Covey introduced the upside of the idea in habit #6 of 7 Habits of Highly Effective People … the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. One plus one equals three, or six, or sixty–you name it.

When considering meaningful partnerships in ministry and the marketplace, your capacity, visibility, credibility, and overall lift can increase dramatically through well-defined partnerships – it’s more than addition, it’s multiplication. It’s also work. But, partnerships allow you to tap into competencies and experiences that can inform your path forward – sometimes averting disaster and expensive mistakes and other times helping you reach the “next level” more quickly. Both are important, especially in today’s economy.